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Hey Y’all! Here’s the FUN Stuff!

Welcome to The Ranch

AS SEEN ON AMERICA’S BEST RESTAURANTS, OUR NEW Diamondback Rattler Appetizer.  A Bird & Prey Novelty with two pieces of deep-fried chicken and two pieces of deep-fried Rattlesnake on top of a Golden fried Tornado Potato, lightly dusted in Parmesan and our Secret Spices.

Get your tickets at Eventbrite HERE:
The Hangover Cure!  As Seen on America’s Best Restaurants
Available now... Try our new Grazing Grasshopper with Creme de mente and chocolate.

All Flavors available now.  Try our Halloback Banofee Girl & our Bee My Huckleberry Boozy Milkshakes for a limited time.  Get them before they’re gone.

Line Dancing Wednesday nights with Free lessons.  Special- Get a Western Disco ball and get $1 off your well drink refills for 2024.